John Weatherman

John Weatherman

This is my blog, The Head In. I guess it’s a way to put something new out there. Sure, there are lots of blogs with the newest releases or the newest debates. I don’t have much interest in that stuff, to tell you the truth. Sure, it’s interesting and all – to read about.

But there aren’t too many guys just doing their thing, not really feeding the beast of the jazz blog cycle – the obituaries, the ”jazz is dead” conversations, etc. This is an attempt to just do my thing. These are the 51 jazz albums I started out with – I bought them all in a year or two, and they started me on my way. My tastes have certainly grown in the decade since I bought most of these records, and I don’t listen to all of them so regularly any more.

But I thought that this was a good way to say what I want to say. Hopefully you think so, too.

John Weatherman lives in Brunswick, Maine, where he listens to many more than fifty-one albums of all genres.

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  1. This sounds like a unique project, proudly based in one listener’s passion and experience. Really looking forward to reading more, John.


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